april y.

Hey-oh reader! First off, I'm so happy your here. I'm Apurrl behind the blog. I like to identify myself as a personal creator and visionary. I envision my life as an endless journey filled with bright colors, great food, and a list of goals I continue to check off. You can imagine this life of mine like a pizza. Topped off with college classes with extra blogging and a sprinkle of anything that involves cats. This is funny, because fun fact, I am extremely allergic to them. But just know regardless of what is on it, it's a tasty slice of pie.

Profession: Graphic Designer and Humanitarian

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, Chili Dogs with Mustard, and Pickles. (Not all together of course.)

Conversation Starter: I am scared of the movie Coraline and i'm obsessed with documentaries about true crime.

Pageant Background:

  • 2017 Miss Rio Rancho & Top 16 at Miss New Mexico
  • 2014-15 Miss Native American USA & Best Talent
  • 2016 1st Runner Up & Miss Photogenic for Miss Indian New Mexico
  • 2013 Miss Congeniality for Miss Indian World
 Photo: Tiffani Potter

Photo: Tiffani Potter