Indigenous Pageant Programs You'll Love to Run For

 Miss Native American USA Archives, Property Old Soul Imagery

Miss Native American USA Archives, Property Old Soul Imagery

Are you ready for this?? Well, get ready for the start of Spotlight of the Week in the Pageant Life section of the blog!


If you known me for awhile, you know that my pageant career started in indigenous pageant programs. Meaning, the pageant program is dedicated to promoting the culture of a federally recognized tribe if not all tribes in the USA!

The contestants applying to participate in a indigenous pageant usually have to provide documentation of their tribal affiliation. These types of programs are unique due to the requirements of performing a traditional talent and or presentations that are specific to the tribe itself!

I know as the pageant season approaches we have young potentials scouting the many different programs, but may need help choosing the best one for them. That is where I come in! I hope to connect you with as many pageant programs as I can before those application deadlines come in. I understand it is a lengthy process, but you can tackle those applications down in no time!

The goal of these spotlights of the week are to get potential contestants excited about your pageant program. Readers will also have access to the contact information and directions to the applications on my resource page

If you or know of any indigenous pageant programs that will benefit from a spotlight contact me for more details:

Our first spotlight debut: July 1st @ 12 PM MST