SPOTLIGHT: Miss Shoshone Bannock

July is the start of the many deadlines for the upcoming Fall pageants and we can’t wait to hear about the many ladies who turned in their applications!

Today, we are going to the beautiful state of Idaho visiting the Fort Hall Reservation! More specifically, speaking with Taylor Haskett our current Miss Shoshone Bannock 2016 – 17. Taylor is the 53rd Miss Shoshone Bannock. Throughout her year she has dedicated herself to promote the preservation of her culture and to encourage how important education is. Taylor also ran for the prestigious title of Miss Indian World in April of 2017.

This busy lady will soon be giving up her title this coming August, thank you for everything you have done. Holding a title is a job and it shows you made the best of it. But here is a tribute to her successor who may be reading this right now.

 Photo/Taylor Haskett

Photo/Taylor Haskett

1.  Pleeeease tell me a little bit about yourself! I would love to know your passions, goals, possibly hobbies, and if you have any fun facts to share. Can you also include how you got started in pageants? I know readers will be curious!

Hello! My name is Taylor Haskett and I’m currently 20 years old. I work at a local High School in the special education department as a paraprofessional and I love my job! I’m also a student at Idaho State University, I am majoring in Anthropology and Political Science. I have a passion for photography and have my own business called Tsaan Napuitin Photography. My hobbies are to trail run and I love to mountain bike! I really love being in the outdoors. I love spending time with my family, friends and my adorable 2 cats named Cleo and Felix. I recently got into beading! So on my downtime I like to bead. It’s not the best but practice makes perfect. I got in the pageants when I was a junior in high school. My school had a program called the Distinguished Young Women of Power County. It was your typical pageant and I was the only Native American who ran.

2.   How was the process of applying for this position?

The process was not that bad! I had to turn in the basic information about myself and a photo of me in my regalia. Then what I was going to be doing for the talent and traditional cooking portion. I also had to do an essay on what the title meant to me and how I would represent the title. The only difficult part of the application was to find sponsors who would sponsor me throughout my reign. 

 Photo/Taylor Haskett

Photo/Taylor Haskett

According to the Miss Shoshone Bannock Pageant paperwork as a contestant you are responsible to recruit three sponsors. Which the paperwork outlines:

“The purpose of the sponsor is to provide moral and /or financial support and guidance to the contestant.”

I believe this portion of the paperwork is unique and necessary! It is a lot of work for a contestant, but most of all for the next titleholder. Requesting the help of your family, friends, and community does help the young lady. I also think this portion would demonstrate the skills you have necessary for the organization as a whole that would be being approachable, trustworthy, and willingness to take on this challenge.

3.   What do you think sets Miss Shoshone-Bannock apart amongst other Shoshone pageant programs?

Speaking on behalf of the Fort Hall Festival princesses pageants the Miss Shoshone-Bannock is very different. The pageant itself is modeled after the Miss Indian World pageant. Being Miss Shoshone-Bannock is the most prestigious title in our tribe. You have to know about politics, current issues going on in reservation and on the national level and the history of the Shoshone and Bannock people. Whereas the festival princesses just show how good they can be in public, Miss Shoshone-Bannock is far more than just a powwow title.

4.   What advice would you give ladies who are still deciding which pageant to run in this upcoming year?

My advice is to just go for it! You never know what other opportunities it can open up for you. I loved the Miss Shoshone-Bannock pageant! I think I loved it more than the Miss Indian World Pageants because I got to show everyone that I can cook some really good Salmon and chokecherry pudding in our traditional foods competition. I also could bond with the other contestants and show people my knowledge of my culture. I loved the interview portion because I got the opportunity to wear this traditional sage brush dress and it was the only one made in the tribe. I felt to beautiful!

 Photo/Taylor Haskett

Photo/Taylor Haskett

5.   What does the future have in store for you after your year?

 I took a year off of school to fully serve my duties as Miss Shoshone-Bannock but now that my title is almost over I recently registered to go back to Idaho State University to finish school.

6.   Last, but not least, I think we would all love to know: When and where is the 2017 Miss Shoshone-Bannock pageant? Is the application available? When is the deadline to apply?

The Pageant is happening the second week in August along with the Shoshonean reunion in Fort Hall, Idaho. A schedule will be released soon.

Yes! The application is available, it is on my Facebook page Miss Shoshone-Bannock LIII Taylor Haskett. The deadline is coming up really fast! Application is due July 24th 2017 at 5 PM MST. If you qualify you can email it to or mail it in, the address is on the application.

Special Thank You to Alexandria Alvarez and Taylor Thomas for contributing to the Miss Shoshone Bannock post!

Being involved in your community is one of the best things you can do as a tribal person. It’s insane all of the things that are taking place right here in Fort Hall that I never knew about, but going to meetings, listening and learning.. I have a new found appreciation for some much! Be involved! Let your voice be heard (With Respect), and spend some time with your elders! –Alexandria Alvarez, Miss Shoshone Bannock 2011 – 12

I loved the traveling and representing all the people of my tribes. I attended all community events and was a face of the people. Plus I really got to know my community, tribal membership, culture and more language. –Taylor Thomas, Miss Shoshone Bannock 2013 – 14