Hosting the Miss Native American USA 2017 Pageant was so kind to document my favorite part of the program!


On my flight back to Albuquerque, this is after hosting the MNAUSA pageant. I slept for a bit, but as I descend into the area I think its a good time to reflect what just happened this weekend.

I had insecurities and doubts about how this weekend was going to be, but everything I was thinking was completely WRONG. I feared I would become too scared to walk out on that stage. I was afraid I was going to be boring or the crowd wouldn't respond to me. I was unsure if my speaking would be on point. I feel it's been so loud in my head that all of these doubts could have swallowed me whole.

But as soon as I saw the many faces at MNAUSA, my inner critic was silenced. I could see the nerves of just about everyone match mines! Contestants, staff, volunteers, and makeup and hair people. But everyone's nerves was a positive one. The energy in the room was because we all had one goal, to make this show the best it could be, regardless of what part we played in the production.


This pageant has been around for the past six years and it's still being perfected. As soon as I realized this I knew what my purpose was. There were new tribes and organizations coming to see what MNAUSA was all about and I felt the strong responsibility to make them feel welcomed.

Hosting was not about me at all, but to personify the love I have for this organization. I poured my heart on that podium in hopes the crowd would love the organization like I do, and they responded! Of course it took some work, but after our shared deep breath together it was easy peezy! 

I am humbled and thankful for every opportunity that this organization and many others give me to push my boundaries! This is only my second time hosting and I surprised myself believe it or not. That is why I advocate anyone looking up to me to put yourself out there. You are chosen for such responsibilities or roles because of who you are. They want to see you! Don't ever try to alter your personality or humor because that is the best part. If you need help, Red Bull was my extra oomf! Ha

But thank you again to all my new and long time readers I appreciate the time you take to read my words. If you are from the crowd that night, you will see MNAUSA mission PCSLN being fulfilled from that performance and future endeavors! Love you! You now have an inside joke! Ahh!