How I edit my instagram photos!

First things first.. Branding!


If you ever look around Instagram it’s easy to find some awesome accounts that scream professional vibes. Liza Koshy’s photography account for example! It’s so cool, funky, and looks like it would smell like coffee! I love it.

Although her account is very professional, her photos are still captioned with punny quotes that scream Liza. Looking at her photos as a whole you can see right off the bat they all have similar lighting and the same filter. It’s both refreshing and aesthetically pleasing from afar in my opinion! The best thing about this is that each photo can stand alone, but are even stronger as a group. Choosing to give your Instagram a makeover is a smart move for anyone looking to build your personal brand! By taking this step your inviting first time visitors to follow you and are helping them get a true sense of your personality over social media. Establishing this presence on a widely used platform will set you apart from the rest.

 Photo//Amanda Jean Before the Filter!

Photo//Amanda Jean Before the Filter!

Step one: Taking your photo

I know in spurr of the moment picture taking your not always going to be in front of great lighting, but you should always be aware of where any light is coming from. If your taking a selfie, you should have the light exposing your face and a good part of your upper body, but NEVER overexpose your face because you will lose details and eventually be washed out.

So here is an unedited photo of yours truly! My friends and I were standing under a large building that had little lighting. BUT toward one end the sun was hitting just right. So, I faced toward that end of the building, but note the sun didn’t directly hit me. Most of the lighting reflected off of the concrete floor and that did a great job of lighting my entire body. If I’d faced the dark end of the building with the lighting behind me I’d probably end up with a halo behind my head and my entire body unidentifiable because it’s too dark. Tip: When your photographer is standing in front of the light be sure their shadow isn’t in the picture! Also, when taking photos always make little movements with your body position and face to have several different choices to choose from at the end!


Step Two: Download VASCO APP


This app gives you a lot of control over high detail edits of exposure, tones, saturation etc. similar to photoshop these controls can easily be misused and photos will suffer! So be careful! It also can be difficult to understand if you have little knowledge of the photography settings. So how I learned of basic controls without over doing it is Pinterest! A simple search of “VSCO theme” you will start to see photos pop up with specifications to follow.

Depending on the mood you want your library to give off determines which filter to choose. You’ll see the names of the filter at the top of the list (HB1, A5, P5) which not all filters are free. But if you run into a filter theme you like on Pinterest the filter store in VSCO is normally cheap! My filter is apart of the A family that I paid .99 cents for!


Step Three: The Process in Action 

 Photo// Amanda Jean After the filter!

Photo// Amanda Jean After the filter!

Now that you have your filter you make the adjustments the Pinterest photo lists. After applying my A6 filter to my photo, I always up my exposure, up details, and since there is a lot of orange tones in my skin and surroundings I add blue and green in the “white balance” adjustment to all tones. This is the final result!

My Insta is usually very muted in color tone, or at least I try for it to be, and my end goal is to remove as much red as I can without it looking unrealistic. I want to portray the mood as cool, vintage, and sophisticatally (if that’s a word lol) tidy! 


Trial and Error

So after editing your pictures and following the directions of the Pinterest photos to the t! It still never fully looks cohesive like the Pinterest photos are portraying it to be. One you are not always using a high quIlity camera and lighting is hard to come by sometimes. So, after you get comfortable editing your photos and start to see result you like start to go outside the listed directions! You already have a starting point with the filter now change the adjustments to fit each photo. Regardless, this takes practice! I switched between three filters until I found one I liked! After it’s done you just export the photo and upload it to Instagram!

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