Summer 2k18 Goals

Summer goals! What can I do with a limited budget, minimal planning, but also something that is noteworthy to write about. Good question, I have no idea either. It’s only been a couple of days since being home from school and I can already see myself staying inside 24/7 and possibly gaining a few pounds. I need to get myself moving and out of this comfy home at least once a month. Ha! Here are a just a few things I hope to do this summer!


  1. Paying a Visit to White Sands

    I am back in New Mexico and have lived here all my life and yes, I have not visited White Sands before. I think now is the time to go! From my understanding it is only a few hours away or so? Also, it is the most picturesque places I’ve ever seen! I think this could be a great day trip with a friend or alone, but we will see. Maybe I’ll go a little farther to visit Carlsbad Caverns too.

  2. Go Skydiving in Utah!

    Now, this was something I wanted to do for my birthday, but literally couldn’t find anyone to go with. I already know I’m going to be so scared myself, but come on, life is short, and I got a GoPro that I need to put to use. In Durango, I used to see a van that advertises for Skydive Moab and that is where I got the idea from. So fingers crossed I will go skydiving this summer!

  3. Continue Individual Counseling

    This is so important to me, because if your close enough to me you know I have been going to counseling religiously for the past three years. This past semester I got involved with a weekly women's circle on campus for the first time and have made the best friends ever. I feel so supported and safe enough that I began to talk about my sexual abuse experience as a child. I even made it my platform for Miss Hozhoni, to support our survivors of sexual assault. I would have not reached this point in life without counseling. It’s been my way of catering to myself everyday and week. I highly recommend going if you are considering going for yourself. Just start talking and you will be so happy you did it.

  4. Visit Family in Arizona

    My family in AZ are my rock. Since their move from NM, NM has not been the same. Their home is a safe zone and a place where food is endless! I am also not talking about everyday foods, I’m talking about the best italian spaghetti and gumbo! I think about all the foods and movies we can watch at home. We are just home bodies and its okay! I also miss them so much and they have the best hospitality! We even hit up all the best Goodwill’s!

  5. Visit Savannah School of Art and Design SCAD

    So, this coming 2018-19 school year is going to be final year! I have made the decision to continue school, because I can. Imagining what I can tell my kids in the future that yes, mom has her Masters and you could too! OR just even tell my nieces and nephews that. My uncle Bob is the only one in the extended family who has gone that far in his education and I am inspired to do that as well. SCAD is my first choice in schools, just because I’ve heard great things about so far that a visit maybe the best thing for me right now.

I believe these goals will get me to stay active this summer. What are your summer goals??


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