My Traveling Tips from Georgia!

Traveling to Georgia has really been a privilege! It's my first time here and it’s like everyone says it is, hot and humid. I never appreciated the New Mexico heat as much as I should, but after this trip I will! Georgia is like getting out of an extra hot shower, but never leaving the restroom! Oddly enough I still keep on a light jacket to protect me from the bugs. 

Traveling can be such a hassle let me tell you, but after all the airport mumbo jumbo everything does get better. But, here are a few tips from my experience to keep you from the stress! These tips are more for airport travel, but if you are traveling by car these traveling tips may still apply. 

 Atlanta airport terminal has a ton of floors! 

Atlanta airport terminal has a ton of floors! 

Rolling bags are a must!

Save your back from heavy lifting. You may have to take your bags from one end of the airport to another and you don’t need that to be carried. Also, double check the wheels to see if they actually work otherwise you’ll end up making more work for yourself! The bag will become so much heavier if the wheels just scrapes the floor.

If you’re not checking in a bag, it’s smart not to pack liquid toiletries until you get to your destination.

This saves you time going through airport security. Remember all liquids over a certain amount of oz. will asked to be tossed and the rest will have to be tested on the side. Double check with your airline for those dimensions. I remember my sister, whose son was just under five months at the time, needed formula and she premixed five bottles. They had to test all of them taking about five to ten minutes! This goes for all water bottles as well so, just don’t bring the liquids with you on the carry on. I recommend Southwest Airlines, because they don’t charge you to check in a bag.

If you are getting a rental car, confirm everything you need with the rental car agencies!

Double check if you need additional driver information, I.D proofs, and most importantly forms of payment. Payments can vary with a debit card vs. a credit card. Also, whether or not you bank with an established bank or have a payroll card. Each company has their own version of this and you just have to make sure and ask questions before you leave home. You don’t want to be standing in an airport terminal with your entire family, your bags, and have no idea how you’re going to leave.

A neck pillow is perfect for all sleepy head positions… need I say more?

If you are flying for a long period of time or early in the morning take a nap on the plane. The neck pillow will be your savior!

Have a light jacket with you even if you are going to a warmer climate area.

Hotel lobbies, airport terminals, and taxi’s/busses will most likely have the AC on high and you will get cold. And as I mentioned I keep the jacket on to prevent those nasty bug bites too so, there is a lot of benefits of having the jacket! 

Alert your bank that you will be traveling ahead of time to avoid fraud alerts!

It’s a bummer when you’re trying to buy Popeye’s, but your card gets declined for an $11 order! My bank had to go through a ten-minute session of questions to have everything cleared up.



My cousin kody will always be there for a laugh! 

Charge your phone every time you get a chance regardless if it’s at a high charge.

It seems like you don’t have to charge your phone when you see every charging station at the airport terminal, but remember there will be the drive afterward! Everyone must know about the nuisance it causes someone when you ask, “Can you plug in my phone,” from the back seat of the car. Also, when everyone goes into panic mode, because everyone who is directing GPS is at 3%, you can gladly swoop in to the rescue!

Bring emergency cash for any unexpected situations that will arise!

Yes, all of these tips above have occurred in just this one trip. So, prepare! Extra expenses like getting a hotel room for the night, an extra bus ride to another city, and food expenses for the friends that are helping us out. You never want to travel unless you are willing to pay for it.

If you are traveling with family make sure there is only one person of contact.

This is to avoid any confusion with the hotel, friends, family, and car agencies. Plans may change and things may be cancelled and money may be lost. Regardless of what happens don’t ever lose your cool. Just make sure everyone who is with you is on the same page before spreading the plan to the outsources. Mixed plans will add extra stress to the already stressful situation. 

Remember you may not be used to being around a bunch of people for an extended period of time and its okay.

Taking a minute to yourself in a bedroom or shower is good. These little rejuvenation settings will keep stress levels down during your stay. I say this, because once coming from my apartment with no children to a house of six kids is overwhelming!


So like I said, traveling here has been a privilege. Regardless of what goes on you have to remember why you made the trip in the first place. I am here for the wedding of my mom who is the soon to be Mrs. Moses. I still can’t believe it, but I wouldn’t want to miss it. I am grateful for the family who make it possible to be here. Thank you, Darden’s, for letting us stay with you and continuing to keep us on our feet and seeing the world!


Apurrl Yazza